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Seesaw Action

Friends The seesaw week continues. Down Monday, up Tuesday, down Wednesday, now up today. Good earnings reports from Under Armour and Facebook seemed to light the fire at the opening, and that combined with oil rallying for the second day in a row led to solid gains in stocks....

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Fed Confusion

Friends The markets looked to the Fed today for guidance, but came away more confused than before. Some Fed watchers were concerned that the FOMC didn’t back off the “tough talk” and kept interest rate increases on the table for 2016. Other’s interpreted the FOMC statement as being more...

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Friends Oil and stocks went hand in hand once again today, but this time both moved to the upside as opposed to yesterday’s drubbing. As we have seen so far in 2016 the oil market and the stock market appear to be connected at the hip. After an awful...

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A Bounce

Friends Well my reverse psychology on oil seemed to work. We finally got a bounce in crude prices after it appeared that oil would not stop going down until it hit zero. Along with the bounce in crude, stock prices also staged a rally, gave it back, and then...

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Drop, Rally, Stumble

Friends You know that you’re in a bear market when a Dow down 249 points actually feels good. Yes, actually after a 566 point drop in the Dow, either sellers just ran out of gas, or perhaps a few brave souls decided to buy something. After all, the early...

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Failed Rallies

Friends Failed rallies are a signature of a bear market. Though we haven’t seen many so far this year, when we have gotten a rally it is quickly met with more selling. Once again, oil was pointed to for today’s failure as a 200 point early Dow gain quickly...

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