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Calming Down?

Friends  We still have intraday volatility, but the range of motion has been narrowing over the past couple of sessions (less than 300 points today). But don’t get me wrong, there is still plenty of volatility. The Dow, for instance, was up nearly 100 points at 2:40 PM and...

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Stocks Bounce

Friends  Sometime they call it a “dead cat bounce”. Stocks got off to a good start at the opening this morning, and despite some volatility, were able to stay firmly in positive territory by the close. These days, it’s difficult to declare victory whether you are a bull or...

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Stunning Volatility

Friends  Glad some of you were able join us on the call this morning. What another wild and crazy day. After a 560 point Dow drop at the open, stocks reversed course nearly 900 points to post a 350 point gain just minutes later. After that, we seesawed around...

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