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Friends  It was a Goldilocks jobs report – a way better than expected jobs number, and wages that only rose slightly. Growth without inflation! Sign me up. That’s basically what the bulls said as a stock buying stampede ensued.   By the close, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was up...

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Tarriff Day

Friends  Traders spent the day with one eye on the television as the President was speaking at a cabinet meeting and then this afternoon at a press conference to announce his tariffs. Stocks looked pretty much confused by all the rhetoric with the market averages waffling between gain and...

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Stock “Selloff” Muted

Friends  After the announcement of the resignation of Chief Economic Advisor Gary Cohn from the White House, stocks were supposed to plummet today. Well, we did get a 300 plus point Dow selloff in the morning, but as the trading session wore on, buyers appeared and erased much of...

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Trade Talk Continues

Friends  It appears that traders are trying to figure out where we are headed as a country with regards to tariffs and potential trade wars. Is the President “negotiating” with his tariff talk? Are we going to settle into something that the markets could find palatable? We will find...

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Surprise Rally

Friends  Stocks were expected to go down today. After all, we are talking about tariffs, protectionism and trade wars. Stocks should have gone down, but of course the stock market has a mind of its own and after a down opening buyers began to appear and stocks methodically grinded...

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Trade Wars?

Friends  Stocks were minding their own business today after receiving decent but non-threatening economic data this morning when the White House introduced the idea of tariffs with regards to the steel industry. Now, it should come as no surprise that the President wants to protect our steel and manufacturing...

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Give It Back

Friends  Fed Chair Jerome Powell had his day before the House Finance Committee and the results were mixed. Sure he presented well, but did deviate just a little from his prepared comments. BUT- some of the questioning was bizarre. I urge you to once and a while watch our...

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