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Stocks Shrug Off Headlines

Friends  Despite more domestic tragedy, Saudi intrigue and continued concerns about North Korea stocks simply forge ahead. It appears that nothing seems to be able to derail the stock markets march toward year end (was that just the kiss of death?). Oil prices have risen given the Godfather type...

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Earnings and Jobs

Friends  The non-farm payroll number came in a little shy of expectations, but still 261,000 new jobs were created and the unemployment rate is now at 4.1%. Basically we are at full employment. Average Hourly Earnings actually came in lighter than expected, so again inflation seems in check. In...

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Stocks Can Go Down Too

Friends  It was a difficult day for stocks, as even companies with good earnings reports like Boeing saw selling pressure. The uptick in interest rates seems to be spooking the markets, as at least one well known bond guru is predicting that the end of the decades long bull...

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