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Stock Rally Muted

Friends  Things were a bit choppy today, but with a positive bias. Stocks rallied in early trading after the Warren Buffett/Berkshire Hathaway weekend in Omaha set the tone, but after a couple of hundred Dow point gain, the word that the President was going to announce a decision on...

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Stocks Rally Into The Weekend

Friends  After yesterday’s reversal in stocks, all eyes were on this morning’s jobs report. 164,000 new jobs were created in April which was a little less than expected, but the unemployment rate fell to 3.9%- which was the headline, and the monthly and year over year average hourly earnings...

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Big Reversal

Friends  Though the final numbers don’t indicate much, stocks experienced an impressive reversal today, as at one point this morning the Dow was sporting a nearly 400 point decline. That loss was erased in the midday portion of the trading session, and stocks then drifted aimlessly over the last...

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Fed Holds But Stocks Fall

Friends  The Fed decision today not to raise interest rates was certainly not a surprise. Stocks rallied for about 10 minutes after the announcement this afternoon, but quickly reversed course and again headed into negative territory. Once again, despite good earnings reports, including a surprisingly good report from Apple...

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Sell in May?

Friends  Sell in May and go away. That’s a well-worn adage on Wall Street. What it basically refers to is that over the last hundred years, stocks have performed better in the six month period from November thru April than the six month period of May thru October. Of...

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Friends A better than expected (but not really great) GDP number and ridiculously good corporate earnings still didn’t cheer up the stock market today. As we have mentioned we appear to be in a good news is “bad” news phase. It’s not like we are experiencing severe selling pressure,...

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Slight Gains

Friends  It was another day of great earnings reports and shaky price action. Boeing lit up the morning with a stellar earnings report which helped the market post gains at the open. But that advance lasted no more than minutes before prices were tumbling once again into negative territory....

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Stocks Fall-Peak Earnings?

Friends  Stocks suffered an ugly reversal today as market participants are concerned about interest rates, earnings peaking and an economy that might have seen its best days for a while. First, we finally broke the 3% barrier on the 10 year Treasury note this morning. That on its own...

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Big Week For Earnings

Friends  Buckle up. It’s going to be a big week for earnings. Today’s action was mixed as stocks were higher early in the day, but tilted to the negative in the afternoon part of the trading session. The 10 year Treasury Note yield flirted with 3% early in the...

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