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Off to the Races

Friends  In terms of today’s market environment, yesterday’s stock market reversal that saw the Dow give up a near 300 point gain would now be considered a ravaging bear market. I jest, of course (I think) but yesterday’s reversal was quickly and easily forgotten by the opening of trading...

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Reversal Day

Friends  As you know we’ve had quite a day of weather here in the Houston area. Well, we had quite a day in the markets as well. A nearly 300-point gain in the Dow turned into a double digit loss by mid-afternoon. We haven’t seen a reversal like that...

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Runaway Train

Friends  The melt up continues. Stocks were up once again today, and it feels like we are all aboard a runaway train. Hopefully, you had a chance to read our quarterly outlook that we sent out yesterday, so I won’t belabor the point, but investors are reacting to a...

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Inching Higher

Friends  The market was open today so that must mean the bulls had fun. Yes, I’m being facetious and also yes, stocks were higher again today. Now, with interest rates edging higher, rate sensitive stocks (utilities, telecom and some staples) didn’t join in on the never ending party, but...

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Stocks Quietly Mixed

Friends  After last week’s explosive start to the new year, traders appeared a bit more reserved as a new week of trading begins. With all the jobs data behind us, market participants will now turn their attention to upcoming earnings season. Indeed, after the type of rise we have...

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The Records Continue

Friends  Another day, another set of record closes for the market averages. Despite a jobs number that came in a little light, the animal spirits continue to be heightened. The bears have just about lost their minds at this point, while the bulls just continue to ride the wave....

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Dow 25,000

Friends  While the northeast endures a viscous snowstorm and cold temperatures, stocks continue to be on fire. Once again, another milestone was achieved (today we crossed the Dow 25,000 mark) and with a strengthening economy, corporate earnings juiced by tax reform, low inflation, elevated consumer confidence, continued low interest...

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