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2016 4th Quarter Outlook

When one contemplates the choices that we  have  in  this  unbelievably  crazy  political  contest  for  the  presidency  of  the  United  States, one might tend to ask oneself “is this  the best we can do”? This is a question we  certainly can ask about politics, but on the  economic and investment front we might be  able to ask the same question. Click the link below to read our full comments. 2016 4th Quarter Outlook  

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2015 2nd Quarter Outlook

“For the stock market, 2015 is beginning to remind us of 2011‐ a lot of volatility and not much direction. Stocks are facing many headwinds, including, valuation, a tepid economic backdrop, suspicious corporate earnings growth, and the double edged swords of lower energy prices and a stronger dollar. These...

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