Wild Ride

Friends  When does down 79 points in the Dow feel good for the bulls. Well, when earlier in the day the Dow was down 784 points. Stocks sold off hard again at the open and continued to cascade lower throughout the morning. Finally, it appears that the sellers exhausted...

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Ugly Mess

Friends  Well, that was ugly. Stocks cascaded downward throughout the day as traders continue to fret about inverted yield curves, trade deals (or lack thereof), and a slowing economy. You know the drill, as big moves happen, technical levels are violated and algorithms kick in. More and more, 2018...

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Good News Rally

Friends  Stocks rallied on upbeat news that came from the weekend meeting between the White House team and the Chinese contingent with regards to trade. Though no concrete agreement was produced, additional tariffs were put on hold and concessions appear to have been made. Whatever the reality, stocks rallied...

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Mixed Messages

Friends  After yesterday’s rally, stocks were vulnerable to any type of negative news. After a soft opening, stocks rallied on news that the President was feeling like a deal with China could get done this weekend, should he feel like dealing. But almost immediately after that it was discovered...

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Powell Delivers

Friends  It appears that all Fed Chair Powell had to do was give the Fed a little leeway with regards to future rate hikes, and the bulls would run again. In his presentation to the Economic Club of New York, the Fed Chair delivered the slightly more dovish view...

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Bulls Hang Touch

Friends  After stocks had posted nice gains to begin the week, yesterday just at the close, came news of a Wall Street Journal interview with President Trump where he reiterated his intentions to go forward with tariffs if things don’t go well this week with the Chinese. In addition,...

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