Impressive Reversal

Friends Well today was different. After a sizable 250 point Dow tumble in early trading, oil reversed on positive inventory news and stocks staged an impressive reversal rally. By the close, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was up 53 points to finish the day at 16,484. The S&P 500...

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The Bulls Are Challenging

Friends Well, that’s a nice start to the new week. Overseas markets rallied overnight, oil rallied and the U. S. stocks joined the party. There really wasn’t much volatility as we spiked in early morning trading and basically held right at resistance for the remainder of the trading session....

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A Trend?

Friends Can we call three days in a row a trend? Ok, we won’t get carried away with the three day rally we have just experienced, but it sure seemed to come at a good time. Sentiment had gotten so negative, the number of bears out there was rivaling...

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Could Have Been Worse

Friends Boy there is a lot to discuss so we’ll dive right in. After another round of overseas selling overnight, stocks were immediately under pressure as the trading day began. After an initial selloff, stocks seemed to bide time while we waited for the second day of testimony, this...

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