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Happy New Year

Friends Wow, what a year. I can’t wait to write about it all in our 1st quarter outlook piece. For today, we’ll just say that the buyers disappeared these last couple of weeks, and stocks limped into year end. After an historic first 5 weeks of the year (and...

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Crawling Toward Year End

Friends I hope everyone had a nice Christmas. The markets continue to be extremely quiet as we head towards the year end. There was virtually no action of any sort today. Trading was light and volatility was nonexistent.  On the economic front the consumer confidence number for December was...

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Merry Christmas

Friends Yes, the market was open today, but no one seemed to want to participate. Let’s just say that nothing much happened and we’ll be back with you next Tuesday. In the meantime… Merry Christmas from all of us at CHJ. Have a safe a blessed holiday weekend.

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Bulls Counting On Santa

Friends The bulls who are trying desperately to claim Dow 20,000 have run into a bit of a roadblock the past few trading sessions. Even the latest revision upward of 3rd quarter GDP couldn’t provide a catalyst. As for today’s action, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was down 22...

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Getting Closer

Friends The bulls continue the charge towards the Dow 20,000 level, and it appears that there should be enough trading sessions left in 2016 to reach their goal. Santa is about to swoop into the proceedings so perhaps he can help push the Dow above that 20,000 mark. For...

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The Charge To 20,000

Friends Stocks continue to charge towards the 20,000 level on the Dow Jones Industrial Average, as even the bulls are having trouble believing their good fortune. It appears that no one wants to sell anything before year end that would cause a capital gain, given the possibilities that next...

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