Stocks Quiet At Month End

Friends Traders appeared tentative before the “State of the Union” address tonight, as stocks drifted slightly in negative territory, with very little conviction. Interestingly, the economic data was decidedly positive as the Chicago PMI, the Richmond Fed Manufacturing Index and the Consumer Confidence number all came in better than...

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Stocks Eke Out A Gain

Friends Stocks lingered in negative territory for just about the entire trading session, but the bulls came with a final push to move the market averages slightly into positive territory and register another record close.  After the run that we have had to the upside, a pause to refresh...

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Quiet But Deliberate

Friends It was a very quiet day here in investment land. Volatility was virtually non-existent, while participation was muted. Some doubt about the realization of tax reform is beginning to creep into the equation. The Treasury Secretary is shooting for August and the President says we’ll get to it...

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Stocks End Mixed

Friends Today’s FOMC minutes seemed to indicate that the Fed members may not have been quite as confident in the economy as had been disseminated by the Fed Chair and subsequent reports. From reading the minutes the FOMC does, indeed, want to raise rates this year, but they may...

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Afraid To Sell

Friends Stocks went up today. I know it’s a shock, but they really did. Of course, I am having a little fun, but this rally seems it’s not easily going to be thwarted. Yes, market participants are expecting/hoping that deregulation and tax reform will help spur economic growth, but...

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Stocks Finally Pause

Friends Despite a raucous Presidential press conference, stocks had an extremely quiet day. Even an amazingly strong report out of the Philly Fed couldn’t spur any buying interest, as market participants simply might be out of gas after a week of rising stock prices. Even though the bulls seemed...

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Raging Bulls

Friends Stocks continue to push higher today despite or because of a hotter than expected CPI number and a better than expected retail sales number. It was curious why retail sales had been soft given the increase in consumer confidence lately, but perhaps today’s number is a sign of...

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