Half The Year Is Gone

Friends  It was a wacky week in the markets, wasn’t it. Just when the bears looked like they had the bulls on the run, those beleaguered bulls stepped back in to buy stocks again today. The momentum stocks still struggled, but other sectors found some support. On the economic...

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Gave It Back

Friends  Well, it appears that yesterday’s robust rally was, indeed, a one day affair. Stocks headed south early this morning and things got worse before they got better. Nasdaq, led by the momentum boys, once again took it in the teeth, down about 2% at one point during the...

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Surprise Rally

Friends  Out of the blue we got ourselves a nice little rally in stocks today. After the market looked a bit out of gas Monday and Tuesday, buyers seemed to come out of the woodwork today ready to buy just about anything. Yes, the momentum stocks saw some action,...

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Difficult Day For The Bulls

Friends  It was a difficult day for the bulls. The momentum stocks got off to a rocky start fueled by Google/Alphabet’s  massive fine at the hands of the European Union, and then the Senate delaying the health care bill until after the fourth of July, sent a wave of...

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Strange Quiet Monday

Friends  It was a bit of an odd day for the markets. Nasdaq, led by Amazon, Google, Facebook, etc. got off to a rip roaring start only to see things reverse about an hour into trading. Despite the momentum stocks falling into negative territory, the Dow and the S&P...

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Another Mixed Bag

Friends  Another mixed day for stocks, but on a daily basis we seem to have distinct winners and losers. Indeed, as opposed to things drifting along in unison, we are seeing rotation on a daily basis, where some stocks are working that day while others are getting hit. The...

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Mixed Bag

Friends  Today’s market was a mixed bag. On one hand you had the Nasdaq up quite nicely, while the Dow was struggling and the S&P was treading the base line. The momentum gang, Amazon, Google, Facebook etc. all had nice gains, while industrials, energy and retailers not named Amazon...

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Stocks Give Some Back

Friends  That market giveth and the market taketh away. Stocks gave back about half of yesterday’s gains, as the bulls just could not find any traction during the trading session. Oil dropped into bear market territory and energy shares continued to weigh on the market averages as well. Speaker...

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Rally Monday

Friends  Stocks got off to a great start to the week as tech giants and momentum stocks rebounded, as well as positive moves for banks and healthcare. No Amazon didn’t buy anybody new today, but it’s still early in the week. With the Fed move behind us now, market...

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