Stock Finish Strong July Mixed

Friends Stocks were incredibly calm today, despite this afternoon’s political intrigue as General Kelly evidently didn’t want anything to do with the “Mooch”. Yes, despite the dismissal of the pending communications director the markets finished the month on a positive note. The losers for the day were the momentum...

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Mixed Earnings/Mixed Results

Friends Earnings season stubbed its toe just a little bit today, as releases from Amazon, ExxonMobil and Starbucks all disappointed market participants. Stocks in general traded with a negative bias for most of the session, but as has been the case lately, not with much conviction. Despite political theater...

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Boeing Boosts The Dow

Friends It was another busy day of earnings releases and old stalwarts ATT and Coca-Cola pleasantly surprised, but the big winner of the day was Boeing, up nearly 10% for the day and single handedly accounted for the entire gain in the Dow. Other than Boeing, stocks were extremely...

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Stocks Enjoy Earnings Momentum

Friends Despite all the political theater (and it never seems to end), today’s market action was a positive response to more good earnings releases. We did have a few disappointments, namely Google, United Technologies and MMM (and their shares were punished by market participants), but for every disappointment we...

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Mixed Earnings Day

Friends It was a tale of two industrial giants as Honeywell and GE faced off this morning with earnings releases. Honeywell was the clear winner and has been for quite some time now. GE on the other hand has struggled mightily over the past several years. Perhaps if outgoing...

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Stocks Forge Ahead

Friends The earnings parade continues and stocks reacted positively today. Morgan Stanley led the way with good numbers, but we did have one stinker as IBM held the Dow back with a less than stellar report. Despite Big Blue’s drag on the Dow, stocks still forged ahead to new...

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