Give Some Back

Friends   You know the old saying, the talk of tax reform cooperation giveth and the the talk of government shutdowns and debt ceilings taketh away. After yesterday’s healthy rally, stocks gave a portion of it back as much of the “good feelings” somewhat melted away.  By the close, the...

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Surprising Surge

Friends  Well, today’s stock market rally was a bit of a surprise. Just the hint that there might be some meeting of the political minds with regards to tax reform seemed to fire up the animal spirits (or scare the shorts a bit) of market participants. Whatever the reason...

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Happy Anniversary CHJ

Friends  Another day of political headlines.  I considered just ending the email right there. I know I’m exhausted with it all, but nevertheless the markets trade on. After being down about 100 Dow points, the news of White House aid Steve Bannon’s dismissal sent stocks back into positive territory...

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Stocks Uninspired

Friends  Stocks were quiet for much of the trading session as things were “relatively” calm on both the geopolitical front and also on the domestic front. Home Depot’s earnings were better than expected and they raised their outlook going forward, but the stock suffered anyway and was a major...

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