Quiet Tuesday

Friends  Well today was hardly worth a clean shirt and a cab fare. That’s an old saying on Wall Street, and it basically means that not much happened. The momentum stocks tried to bounce back a little and Apple actually had a good day, but other than that, there...

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Momentum/Tech Names Tumble

Friends  Most notable about today’s market action was the massacre among the momentum names like Netflix, Amazon, Facebook and Google which caused damage in the Nasdaq index. Apple shares also continued to act poorly. Interestingly, as we mentioned last week, money seems to be moving out of those names...

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Stocks Slip Just A Bit

Friends  Stocks finally saw a little weakness today after nine consecutive up days, but nothing earth shattering. At this point, I think the bears will take anything and not really care why stocks dropped. Market participants are still pondering yesterday’s FOMC statement and the Fed’s future course, and will...

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Fed Speak

Friends  The Fed, as expected left interest rates unchanged, but it wasn’t all quiet with regards to the FOMC statement and Chair Yellen’s subsequent press conference. Though they did not raise rates this time the Fed did indicate that there is a likelihood that they will raise rates one...

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