Volatility Returns

Friends  Well, your intrepid advisor/author of emails (that would be me) suggested that stock market volatility, especially intraday volatility was likely to pick up this earnings season. Indeed, it has and today was another example. After yesterday’s shellacking, stocks rocketed to a 200 plus Dow point rally this morning,...

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Stocks Soar Again

Friend  Fueled by good earnings reports and despite a 4th quarter GDP number that came in a bit light, stocks continued to rip to new highs. Yes, the economic backdrop is good, but stocks seem to have a mind of their own right now. Any minor move down gets...

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A Wild Ride to Nowhere

Friends  Well, that was an interesting ride. Stocks bolted to new highs in early morning trading on the news, (well there really wasn’t any news- stocks just went up because the market was open), but then turned and retreated only to recover in the afternoon. The Dow was up...

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Off to the Races

Friends  In terms of today’s market environment, yesterday’s stock market reversal that saw the Dow give up a near 300 point gain would now be considered a ravaging bear market. I jest, of course (I think) but yesterday’s reversal was quickly and easily forgotten by the opening of trading...

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