Give It Back

Friends  Fed Chair Jerome Powell had his day before the House Finance Committee and the results were mixed. Sure he presented well, but did deviate just a little from his prepared comments. BUT- some of the questioning was bizarre. I urge you to once and a while watch our...

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Stocks Rocket Higher

Friends  So much for going back to test the lows from earlier in the month. Stocks continue their impressive recovery from the 10% pullback we saw at the beginning of February. After Friday’s meaty gains, the Dow started off strong and added to the gains all through the trading...

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Very Choppy

Friends   It was another day of frantic trading, but mostly in positive territory. It’s the kind of action that even when you end up higher you don’t feel particularly good about it. Today, the today traded within about a 300 point range, but it felt like more.  By the...

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And Volatility Is Back

Friends  Stocks were firmly in positive territory midday, just waiting for the Fed minutes to be released. Then all hell broke loose. At first glance the Fed minutes appeared somewhat dovish, and indeed they are. The minutes indicate that the members were not overly concerned about inflation yet were...

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Calming Down?

Friends  We still have intraday volatility, but the range of motion has been narrowing over the past couple of sessions (less than 300 points today). But don’t get me wrong, there is still plenty of volatility. The Dow, for instance, was up nearly 100 points at 2:40 PM and...

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