Back Down Again

Friends  It was just another stunning day of volatility as the Dow had a more than 600 point trading range. At midday stocks had a nice leg up, only to reverse and collapse as the afternoon wore on. The causes of today’s action. Well, tech was the most damaged...

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Rally Monday

Friends Tariffs? What tariffs? After Treasury Secretary Mnuchin among others attempted to clarify the Administration’s trade policies over the weekend, the bulls were back ready to buy from the opening bell this morning. With the S&P having its 3rd successive day with more than a 2% move, volatility is...

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Fed Raises A Quarter Point

Friends  As expected the Fed raised the Fed Funds rate a quarter of a point with the new range now 1.50% to 1.75%. In their continuing attempt to scale back accommodation, the statement and subsequent testimony from Fed Chair Jerome Powell indicates that there will likely be a couple...

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Stocks Higher Before Fed Decision

Friends   As we wait for tomorrow’s Fed release, markets were once again occupied with the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica story. Cambridge suspended its CEO today, and if I didn’t know better, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg might have suspended himself. Both he and COO Sheryl Sandberg seem to be hiding under a...

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Nice Quiet Day

Friends  Stocks had a nice quiet day as the market averages lingered in mainly positive territory while, for a day at least, there weren’t any drastic headlines. The economic data was somewhat of a mixed bag with Industrial Production showing renewed life, Consumer Confidence climbing higher, Housing Starts slumping...

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Friends  It was another odd day for markets as political headlines continue to frustrate traders whichever way they are leaning, and yet another tragedy-this time a just opened pedestrian bridge collapse in Florida. Stocks tried to rally more than once as the Dow outperformed both the S&P and the...

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