Stocks Tumble On Italian Worries

Friends  Stocks slumped under the weight of worries about Italian politics and debt and the contagion that could result. We’ve seen this movie before, and you probably remember the near collapse of Greece some years back. Once again, the future of the Euro is being debated as many in...

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Energy Shares Weigh On The Market

Friends  Stocks traded lower today with no real conviction. Yes, there were new headlines- the Summit could happen eventually, or not, etc. Actually, it was energy shares that accounted for the losses, as oil dropped significantly on word that the Saudi’s may add supply.  By the close, the Dow...

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Headline Movement

Friends  Stocks were off to a quiet start this morning with a slightly upward bias, when the news hit that the Summit meeting with the North Koreans was called off by the President. In what seemed like slow motion, stocks tumbled more than 250 Dow points. But, at about...

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Stocks Erase Early Losses

Friends  Stocks got off to a rough start this morning adding to yesterday’s difficulties, but the Fed minutes release at 1:00 seemed to encourage the bulls to do some buying. The minutes indicated that the Fed is comfortable with inflation nearing the 2% level, and might tolerate a slightly...

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Headlines Weigh On Stocks

Friends  As we mentioned yesterday, we don’t have a very busy economic calendar this week but we are subject to headline risk and that is exactly what we got today. Stocks were happily drifting in positive territory early in today’s trading session when the President made comments on the...

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Trade Hopes

Friends  Word that the trade war with China has been put on hold for the time being, and that a framework for a trade deal was being in the works had futures higher overnight and sent stocks higher at the open. Understandably, big industrial and technology names were some...

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Tough Day

Friends  It was a quiet day in the markets, and given the tragic events that unfolded at the Santa Fe High School this morning, we’ll just give you the numbers and respectfully call it a day.  By the close, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was up 1 point to...

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Renewed Trade Concerns vs. Good Data

Friends  Despite continued favorable economic data, market participants seemed more concerned with renewed trade war concerns during today’s trading session, as stocks drifted into negative territory and remained there at the close. After the series of gains, the bulls have been able to string together, a slight pullback is...

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Bulls Push Higher

Friends  With a nice industrial production number in their back pocket, the bulls tried to rally stocks numerous times today, but with little success. The market averages did finish in positive territory but it was a struggle, and quite frankly not very impressive. The shock of having the 10...

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