Stocks Limp Into Close

Friends  Stocks posted gains on this last trading day of June, but those gains were much larger midday (the Dow sporting a nearly 300 point gain at one point). The last 2 hours of trading saw most of those gain evaporate. Today was a good example of how difficult...

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Relief Rally

Friends  The bulls did some buying in the sectors that have seen recent weakness today, snapping up shares of industrials, financials and even some staples. It wasn’t a rally that one would want to brag about, but at least the bulls were able to put one in the win...

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Ugly Reversal Day

Friends  Stocks had a ugly reversal today as a nice rally based on perceived lessening of trade war tensions turned into a bit of a mess. Energy shares buoyed by higher oil prices remained up for the session, but technology, financials, industrials and materials all surrendered to the selling...

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Small Rally

Friends  The bulls tried to rally the troops today, and indeed, stocks were higher, but by close most of the gains had bed been erased and market participants seemed uninterested. Trade war concerns continue to dampen enthusiasm which is a shame because earnings have been good and the upcoming...

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The Winds Of Trade Wars

Friends  Fear of escalating trade wars sent stocks tumbling today, as market participants are concerned that things are starting to get real with regards to tariffs.   By the close, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was down 328 points to finish the day at 24,252. The S&P 500 was down...

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Dow Breaks Losing Streak

Friends  The Dow broke its eight day losing streak and was the star of the trading session led by energy shares and industrials. The S&P 500 was up but modestly, while the previous champion the Nasdaq actually was down a bit. There weren’t any market moving headlines today other...

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Eight In A Row

Friends  The Dow suffered a decline for the 8th straight day in a row-adding up to nearly 4% over the eight days. Hmm, pretty sneaking if you ask me. In somewhat of a paper cut fashion the Dow, which contains companies that would be affected by trade wars, has...

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Stocks Mixed

Friends  Stocks were mainly mixed as the Dow slumped a bit while the likes of Amazon, Google, Facebook and Netflix all pushed higher. Stocks that have stalled include financials, industrials and materials. Volatility was muted as the bulls, other than for the momentum darlings, seemed uninterested and the bears...

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Trade War Decline

Friends  As the “trade wars” with China ratchet up, stocks have been heading south. No, it hasn’t been a bloodbath, but the rally that the bulls were putting together a couple of weeks ago has disappeared for the time being. Big industrial names like Boeing and Caterpillar suffered the...

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Friends  Stocks figured to be down at the open given the announcement of the Chinese trade tariffs, and they were. By mid-morning the Dow was sporting a nearly 300 point loss, but as the trading session wore on stocks recovered a good portion of those losses.  By the close,...

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