Bulls Feeling Pretty Good

Friends  Worries that the 2nd quarter GDP number would be revised downward were overblown as this morning’s release showed the number actually increased from 4.1% to 4.2%. Stocks responded with a good day for the bulls, led by the Nasdaq which was up nearly 1% for the day. Good...

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Record Highs

Friends  Stocks are breaking through resistance levels which has to be a disturbing development for the bears. Before the actual announcement of a new trading deal with Mexico, stocks had already had a good start to the trading session. As the President conducted a televised conference call with Mexican...

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Stocks Drift Lower

Friends  Stocks struggled from the get-go this morning and the bulls never bothered to get involved as the trading session wore on. Market participants will be monitoring the comments of Fed Chairman Powell from Jackson Hole, Wyoming tomorrow, to determine whether the strong series of economic data we have...

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Mixed Results

Friends  It was a mixed day for stocks with the Dow and the S&P a bit lower while Nasdaq was up a little. Market participants spent the day trying to digest all the political news that broke yesterday afternoon. The takeaway seems to be that we’ve dealt with political...

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The Bulls Fight Back

Friends  Stocks bounced back today as the contagion worries abated- at least for one day. Even though the shares did not react that well, Home Depot had a strong earnings report which seemed to push market participants to consider the retail sector. It’s been a good year for retail...

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