2nd Quarter Wraps Up


Headlines and rumors had stocks gyrating back and forth throughout today’s trading session, but by the close the bulls were able to scratch out a small gain. It appears, that market participants are reluctant to become more involved with the markets considering not just the Greek situation, but Puerto Rico, China, and less than stellar domestic economic data. Consumer sentiment was good, but Chicago PMI remained weak.

By the close, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was up 23 points to finish the day and the quarter at 17,619. The S&P 500 was up 5 points to close at 2063. Gold was down $7 to trade at $1171 per ounce, while oil was up $1.03 to trade at $59.36 per barrel WTI.

As we close the books on the first half of the year we see that the Dow was down about 1%, while the S&P 500 was up a fraction for the first six months of trading. Both bonds and gold struggled also, as the first half has frustrated investors. ¬†We’ll give you a more detailed view when we get our 3rd quarter outlook to you. In the meantime, let’s see what the beginning of the 3rd quarter has in store. It should be quite interesting.

Have a nice evening everyone.

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