1. Managing Investor Behavior

The Principals at CHJ have a combined experience of nearly a century when it comes to markets and market cycles. We have managed money for clients through the crash of 1987, the tech bubble bursting bear market of 2000-2003, and the financial crises of 2008-2009. We can attest with certainty that the biggest deterrent to successful investing is the investor’s behavior. Individual investors are human after all, and humans are prone to making emotional decisions. Invariably, individual investors let emotion disrupt a well thought out financial plan. They often sell at the most inopportune time thus turning volatility into actual loss.

At CHJ, our behavioral coaching is a top priority. We have experience in getting clients through market cycles, that at times can seem almost unbearable. Our investment planning and process prepares for volatility; therefore, our clients are emotionally prepared for whatever the future holds.  Preparation, education, communication and personal coaching are the keys to helping a client stick to their game plan and thus achieve their financial goals. 

2. Education and Communication

At CHJ we believe that education and communication are an essential part of building a long lasting client/advisor relationship. Investors can often be distracted by the “noise” that comes from the business media whether on television, in print or on the internet.  To help drown out the constant drumbeat of self-serving advice that is directed at investors 24/7, we choose to communicate with our clients on a daily basis. At market close, our clients receive an email update that summarizes the market movement that day and attempts to separate the facts from the nonsense. Our belief is that if clients can block out all that self-serving media “analysis”, they have a much better chance of not making behavioral mistakes.

Through our communications we continually attempt to educate our clients with well thought out, common sense analysis. Staying focused on your personal financial plan is all that matters. We know what is important to you and how you are going to reach your goals. Someone on television certainly does not.

3. Effective Planning and Implementation

At CHJ we work with you to create a plan to reach your goals, and then use a cost effective and tax efficient process to implement it. Planning involves a discovery process where we get to know you and what you hope to achieve. Once we know where you want to go, we will then lay out an investment road map to get there.

Implementation of the financial plan includes the investment management process. As mentioned, we attempt to be cost effective and tax efficient while managing your portfolio. We do not hand off the investment responsibility to a third party, which would incur more cost for you and is common in our industry. Instead, we manage your portfolio in house, often using individual securities and low cost ETFs which not only makes the investment process cost efficient but also provides us better tax efficiency.

4. Ongoing Monitoring and Adjustments

Your portfolio is constantly monitored to assure that the investments are continuously in line with your risk tolerance profile, and are achieving your financial goals.  If your circumstances or needs change over time, we will adapt your portfolio to make sure it addresses your needs. Losing a job, an illness, divorce, a death in the family resulting in an inheritance, selling a business; all would necessarily change your financial plan. We make sure the adjustments are made and you’re back on track to achieve your goals.

5. Professional Network

CHJ has a network of Estate Attorneys, CPA’s and bankers which we are able to tap into to make sure all your planning needs are met. We act as the quarterback for the team and coordinate when to bring in the CPA for tax planning and when to bring in the Estate Attorney for estate planning. We are with you for the entire process as you meet with a CPA or an attorney. If you have banking or lending needs, we have a treasure trove of friends in the banking industry. We make sure we match you up with professionals who not only can address your needs, but match your personality.

6. Concierge Service

One of the most important thing we do for our clients is provide a concierge type service. Being a boutique investment advisory firm we are able to give each client the special attention that they deserve. If you are not mobile, we will come to you. We have been able to bring a peace of mind to many of our clients and we are there at the moments in life when someone is most needed.

By creating a relationship of trust and respect, we pride ourselves in relieving you of the worries and taking the wheel on our joint journey to realizing your goals. All we ask is that you let us continue to drive even when you have the urge to grab the wheel. We’ve been down these roads before and are well aware of the pitfalls.

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